Water Heater Services
in Davis County, Utah

Your water heater performs an important function in your home every day. It’s safe to say that we have all gotten used to instant access to hot water, 24/7. So when that access is interrupted, we’re more than inconvenienced — we’re upset! When you need water heater repair in Layton, Kaysville or the surrounding area, rely on the plumbers at City Creek Plumbing to do the job.
Water Heater Repair
Turning on the shower and getting only cold water is one way to find out you need water heater repair in your Layton home, but it’s not the only way. Your water heater may begin making unusual noises, like whistling or popping. You may have an issue with your igniter or thermostat, or our plumbers may find that a loose wire or another part is causing a problem.

If your water heater is leaking, check to see if it is leaking from the bottom or the top. Sometimes the problem is simply a loose valve, but other times, your water heater may be rusted through. If your water heater is more than 8 years old and it’s leaking, you may need water heater replacement.

Water Heater Service

Here at City Creek Plumbing, we install three main types of water heaters for our clients in Davis County, Utah. These include:

  • Traditional Storage Tank Water Heaters: This is the most common type of residential water heater. These water heaters usually hold 40 to 50 gallons of water, and they keep it hot 24/7. We encourage homeowners to wrap their storage tank water heaters in insulation, which helps keep the water warmer, so you use less energy.
  • Tankless Water Heaters: Tankless water heaters are greener, because instead of using energy to keep your water hot for you all the time, they produce hot water on demand. They take up much less room than a traditional storage tank water heater and they use less energy. They are a bit more expensive, but they outlast traditional water heaters.
  • Combination Water and Space Heaters: This type of water heater works in combination with a boiler, heating your home and your water. It’s a space saver, as you don’t need to make room for both appliances, and it’s highly efficient. This is a good option for homeowners who are building a new house or replacing major home systems.

Plumbers in Kaysville, Layton, and Throughout Davis County, Utah

Our plumbing company installs both gas and electric water heaters. While gas appliances often cost more upfront, they are cheaper to run because natural gas is a less expensive fuel than electricity. However, if your home is not already connected to a gas line, you may want to stick with electric appliances, since you would have to factor in the cost of bringing in the line to switch over.

When you need water heater repair or replacement at your Kaysville or Layton home, call the experienced team at City Creek Plumbing. We’ll get your hot water flowing again ASAP.