Kitchen Remodeling
In Davis County, Utah

Your kitchen gets a lot of use — it’s the spot where the family gathers to cook and eat, as well as reconnect by sharing stories and spending time together. When it’s time for a kitchen update, you need a reliable plumber on the job. That’s when you should call City Creek Plumbing. We’ll help you create the kitchen you’ve always wanted for your Layton or Kaysville, area home.
Everything (Including) the Kitchen Sink
The sink is a critical part of the work triangle in the kitchen. It’s where you wash your hands, your dishes, your fruits and vegetables. It seems utilitarian, but a kitchen sink is really a personal choice.

Do you want a double sink or a single sink? A double sink is handy because you can stack dirty dishes on one side while you keep the other side clean for washing food.

Should you get a deep sink or a regular one? A deep sink is good for holding big pots and pans that don’t fit in the dishwasher until you are ready to wash them.

And what about your kitchen faucet? Do you want a single handle or double? A separate sprayer or one with a pull-down wand? A sprayer is handy for filling pots on the counter or rinsing items easily. Add a touchless function and cut down on the spread of germs. Our plumbers can help you narrow down your options.

Garbage Disposal

Once you get garbage disposal, it’s hard to live without it. Especially with the hot summers in Layton and Kaysville, being able to instantly dispose of garbage is a huge benefit.

Some items should not be put in a garbage disposal, such as bones (too hard), grease (it could solidify and clog the drain), celery (too fibrous) and starchy foods like pasta, rice and potatoes, which can swell up and cause clogging. You can prevent the need for a plumbing service call by avoiding putting these items in your garbage disposal.

Water Softener

Our plumbers can add a water softener to your main supply line in your basement, or if you prefer, to only certain areas such as the kitchen. A water softener can help lengthen the life of your appliances, prevent scale buildup in your pipes, allow you to use less soap to get things clean and prevent spotting on dishes.


Dishwashers are so handy they’re almost magical. You put your dirty dishes in, push a button, walk away and return to clean dishes!

If you have never had a dishwasher and you’re doing a kitchen remodel, now is the time to add this marvelous appliance. While it might be possible for someone other than an unlicensed plumber to install a dishwasher, it’s not a good idea, because it has to be done correctly to conform to local codes.

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When you need an experienced plumbing company to help with your kitchen remodeling project, count on the team at City Creek Plumbing. We’re the top choice for plumbing services throughout the Davis County area.