Plumbing Repair Services 
in Davis County, Utah

Leaky pipe? Overflowing toilet? No hot water? Call the plumbers at City Creek Plumbing! We’re the first choice in plumbing companies among homeowners, Layton, Kaysville, or other nearby cities. Our highly experienced plumbers are experts in handling all types of plumbing repairs, installations and upgrades.
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While you may be able to put a bucket under the sink to catch a slow drip temporarily, some plumbing calls are emergencies, such as a boiler that quits in the dead of winter. Our plumbers are well-versed in boiler repair and will get your home warm again quickly.

A more common emergency, however, is a broken pipe, whether it’s a broken drain pipe or a broken supply line. Sometimes supply pipes break because they freeze. If you have dealt with frozen pipes in your home before, you can guard against it happening again by insulating your pipes next winter. Never use a blowtorch to try to thaw frozen pipes — many homeowners accidentally set fire to their homes this way.

Dealing with Leaky Pipes

You may be able to stop a leak by shutting off valves under the sink, or you may be able to stop a toilet from overflowing by turning off the valve under the tank. But sometimes the leak is in the wall or another difficult spot. In order to prevent a flood, you must shut off the water supply to your house. That’s why, as a homeowner, it’s important for you to know where your whole-house shutoff valve is.

After you shut your water supply off, call us right away for plumbing services. We prioritize emergency calls. We’ll come out and repair your broken pipe and restore your water supply.

Plumbing Services

Some of our plumbing company’s most common routine calls include:
Slow or clogged drains and toilets
Leaky faucets
No hot water
Broken garbage disposals
Sump pump not working

Our plumbers fix issues like these every day. We know how frustrating it is to take a shower in six inches of dirty water because your tub drain is slow, or to have to run to the neighbor’s to use the toilet because yours is clogged. These are issues that our plumbing company will take care of right away for you.

Also common are sump pump repairs. These can be frustrating because it’s not cheap to get a sump pump, and all too often it’s either not running or not draining. If you have repeated problems with your sump pump, call our plumbing company and we will get the issues resolved once and for all. You shouldn’t have to worry whether your sump pump will do its job every time it rains.

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We also provide garbage disposal and water heater repair, and we install sinks, tubs, toilets, boilers, water softeners and more. Call us to help with your bathroom or kitchen remodeling project, or whenever you need plumbing repairs — we’re available 24/7 for emergency calls. City Creek Plumbing is the first choice for plumbing services in Davis County, Utah.