There are a few things no homeowner ever wants to deal with, and leaks in any part of the plumbing or water system are great examples. At the same time, most issues of plumbing leaks are easy enough to remedy – as long as they’re spotted, and knowing the possible signs here can go a long way.

At City Creek Plumbing, we’re here to help with a wide range of kitchen plumbing, bathroom plumbing and other plumbing needs for clients in Layton and Kaysville. Here are some possible signs of leaks in certain parts of your plumbing system in this two-part blog series, plus which ones may signal a need to contact our plumbers for assistance.

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Increasing Water Bill With No Other Explanation

There could be a few different reasons for your water bill to be higher than usual, so it may take a little bit of detective work. One common cause is a leak in the pipes or fixtures, typically somewhere in your plumbing system that you don’t use every day.

For example, if your water bill increases and you haven’t used any more water than before, there could be a toilet or sink with a slow leak. To check, put some dye tablets in the toilet tanks or sprinkle food coloring around the base of your sink basin; if you see colored water in either location, this could be an indication of a leak and it’s time to call our experienced technicians at City Creek Plumbing.

Continued Low Water Pressure

Lower water pressure can be caused by a few reasons, including mineral buildup in the pipes or another issue with the water main. But there could also be an issue of slow leaks somewhere in your plumbing system, as well. If you notice that even after cleaning out the aerator and replacing fixtures that your water pressure still isn’t what it used to be, this could be a sign of a slow leak.

Our experienced technicians can come to your residence in Layton and Kaysville to inspect the pipes, identify the source of the issue and provide an effective solution.

Continuously Ticking Water Meter

In other cases, you might notice that your water meter is continuously ticking even when no one is using the water. This could be a sign of a hidden leak somewhere in the system, especially if you don’t have any appliances running or other reasons why there should be water use.

City Creek Plumbing has access to professional-grade equipment and tools that help us track down all kinds of leaks. Contact us today to speak with an experienced technician about a possible leak in your plumbing system and get the issue resolved quickly and efficiently – or to learn about any of the other plumbing services we offer to clients in Kaysville and Layton.