In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some common signs that your main sewer line might be dealing with issues. The main sewer line is one of the single most important components in your plumbing system, serving as the central location that combines all drains and feeds into the public sewer and water lines, and any concerns taking place within it need to be remedied quickly. 

At City Creek Plumbing, we’re here to help with numerous plumbing services for all our clients, including drain cleaning and sewer line maintenance for any issues you may be experiencing. It’s vital that you be able to recognize the potential signs of these problems so you can alert our plumbers quickly — here are some of the other top indicators of main sewer line issues to look out for.

signs sewer line issues lawn

Sinkholes or Foundation Cracks

Leaks coming from your main water line will actually cause sinkholes or foundation cracks within your yard. This is another indication that you need to call a plumber immediately, as the damage can grow larger and more costly if not repaired very soon.

This happens when water that leaks from the sewer begins to pool, forming a sinkhole. This can be very problematic for homeowners to deal with, as the damage done might not seem worth fixing at first glance — but if you don’t take care of it quickly, this could result in even worse issues developing.

Slow Drains Throughout the Home

In some relatively common situations, you may experience a single slow drain for a variety of reasons – from a minor clog that can be fixed with a plunger to a few other limited concerns. If these are found in “one-off” scenarios, there’s no reason to worry about your main sewer line.

However, if you notice repeated issues of slow drains – and if you notice them in multiple drains at once, not just a single drain – this could be a sign of an issue. This often indicates a deeper blockage somewhere in your main line, and may require a process like trenchless sewer line repair or a related service.

Lawn Signs

In still other cases, you may notice the signs of a main sewer line issue on your lawn before anywhere else. Certain patches of grass – those that sit on top of where the main line runs underground, especially – may look especially lush and green, largely because sewage that’s leaking out from the main line is acting as a fertilizer. You may also see specific indentations or dips in your lawn in some of the same areas, a sign that sewage has leaked in large enough amounts to saturate the soil and cause it to sink.

For more on how to spot issues in your main sewer line, or to learn about any of our plumbing services, speak to the staff at City Creek Plumbing today.